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Walther - Qucik Cleaning Pellets - 4,5mm - 100 pcs

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Walther Qucik Cleaning Pellets 4.5 mm 100 pcs

Walther cleaners with a caliber of 4.5 mm are used in cleaning the light of a threaded or smooth barrel after shooting or a longer break. Precisely made, thoroughly remove dirt air rifles.

In order to get rid of the deposit from the barrel, insert a cleaner into it and fire it like a regular shot. Strong contamination can be removed by applying a squeegee to a ramrod and using gun oil or solvent. Felt machines are suitable for use with preservation capsules when cleaning the barrel of a CO2 powered airgun.

100 felt cleaners included.

Walther - Qucik Cleaning Pellets - 4,5mm - 100 pcs

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