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V12 Hypercar

$79.99 USD $249.99 USD Save $170.00 USD

This V12 Hypercar is equipped with a monster motor that delivers unprecedented power. With two-speed switching, you can experience extreme speed while the electric motor roars like a wild beast, providing an immersive experience like no other.

Gullwing door design: The doors open upward at a 90-degree angle, revealing intricate internal details.

V12 engine: Linked with the motor to display immense power.

Iconic tail: Featuring an integrated oversized wing and adjustable rear diffuser.

A challenging build: With a total of 4449 pieces, this model offers an exquisite design that will deeply amaze you during the building process.

ATTENTION! This is a reminder to be aware of using buggy motors with the original battery box as they may cause battery damage. We strongly recommend using buggy motors with the new battery box (white top cover).The old battery box cannot be used with the new motor. Please relate to the instructions above.
V12 Hypercar V12 Hypercar V12 Hypercar V12 Hypercar V12 Hypercar

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