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MKCAMP™ Electric Car Double-room Tent And Air Mattress Cloud Bed Set

$89.00 USD

The combo product is only available for free shipping in the US/CAN

Model : Double-room Cotton Tent (QZS01)
Materials:Blended cotton fabric、
                   reinforced PVC air columns
Package Weight:42kg 
Tent Net Weight:35kg
Package Size:76*55*50cm
Expanded Size:400*250*210cm
Zipper:YKK zipper
Waterproof Index : >3000 mm
Caution:Do not place the tent on sharp objects
                to avoid puncturing the air columns
Construction method:
Inflatable setup connecting to the rear car door
Tent Style : Inflatable Tents
Structure : Double-room
Accessories:Pump *1, Wind Rope *15,Ground Pin *29, Pole *5,Door Curtain Connector*1 ( Free shpping does not come with door curtain connector accessories)
(Colour may vary due to lighting on images)


Model :  Air Mattress Cloud Bed(LS01)

Material : Stretch fabric、Peach skin fleece、Sponge
Expanded size : 200*150*41cm(78.74"L x 59"W x 16"Th)
Packing Weight:8.5kg
Storage Size : 60*30*30cm
Load capacity : 200kg
Weight : 7.5kg
Structure: Double-layer (sponge cushion + support air column)
Cuation : Do not place the mattress on sharp objects
Avoid puncturing the mattress and causing air leakage.
Scene : Outdoor, Home, Courtyard, etc.
Accessories : air mattress*1、Electric air pump*1、
(Colour may vary due to lighting on images)

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