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TECHING 160pcs DIY Build Your Robot Kit Robotic Engine Assembly Kit Educational Toy DIY Gift

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TECHING 160pcs DIY Build Your Robot Kit Robotic Engine Assembly Kit Educational Toy DIY Gift

1. Collection commemorative: In order to thank the majority of users for their support of TECHING products, a new commemorative version of the robot is now launched with cool spotlights. It is not only a toy, but also an ornament, and it can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker to play music. We will continue to work hard as the propagator of industrial culture, the explorer and practitioner of industrial cultural literacy education.
2. Story origin: The tank known as the "king of the land" has a pair of "iron feet", which perfectly combines the track with the robot, the superposition of the electric system and the Bluetooth speaker system, superior walking performance, high traction, and not easy to slip , Give the crawler combat robot stronger power, and can be used as a unique Bluetooth speaker ornament.

Feature of product:
1. Mobile phone APP control: Through the mobile phone APP control, the robot can walk and rotate freely, which is completely controlled by you.
2. Metal: Metal material, precision casting with CNC technology, aluminum alloy oxidized color, exquisite workmanship at the level of collection crafts.
3. Machinery: The classic mechanical mechanism is presented, so the clear transmission process is clear at a glance, showing the beauty of the meticulous logic and powerful machinery.
4. Reality: Design prototypes based on historical and classic inventions and products, presenting the core principles of machine operation, and intuitively showing the application value of the machine.
5. Classics: The product design is inspired by representative and nodal classic creations and outstanding works in the history of human industrial science and technology, which are modeled on a scale and highly restored.
6. Craftsmanship: 160 parts and components are all exquisitely polished by professional abrasive tools, which perfectly interprets the wisdom creation and yearning of human beings in the era of big industry.
7. Assembly: The original product requires the user to assemble the parts and components. The whole process is close to the professional assembly line process, which is an interesting and challenging experience.

Creative gift:
It is not only an exquisite science education learning tool, but also a great parent-child interactive educational toy, which helps to exercise in-depth practical ability, cultivate the quality of concentration, develop interests and hobbies, and stimulate innovative thinking. At the same time, it can also be used as a model collection, a great Christmas and birthday gift carefully prepared for family and children.

Product parameters:
Product name: Tracked Trailblazer Robot
Product model: DM518
Material: aluminum alloy + stainless steel
Color: as shown in the picture
Coloring process: anodic oxidation
Number of parts: 160pcs
Finished product size: 110*94*133mm
Finished product weight: 652g
External power supply: DC 5V
Lithium battery capacity: 500mAh
Charging time: 2 hours
Endurance time: no less than 30 minutes when fully charged
Bluetooth APP remote control distance: 5 meters
Bluetooth speaker: built-in SD card, which can be used to store and play songs
Light: Eyes turn to linkage spotlight
Difficulty of assembly: 2 stars
Assembly time: 2 hours

Age: 10+

Packing list:
Installation tool*1set
Instruction manual*1

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