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QUANTUM SOLAR SYSTEM: The Universe in Your Hands

$69.90 USD

Our platform features miniature replica planets that float and orbit around the Sun, all thanks to our innovative magnetic levitation technology. Each planet has been carefully designed to reflect its unique appearance and characteristics, making the experience even more exciting. Plus, our unique design ensures that the planets will always maintain their precise position and orbit around the sun.

This platform is not only a stunning piece of art, but it is also educational and a great teaching tool for young and old alike. Science lovers and space enthusiasts can enjoy exploring the planets and learning about our solar system in a fascinating and interactive way.

Quantum Solar System is perfect for anyone interested in astronomy, science, and technology. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and support our project today! With your support, we can bring this incredibly exciting platform to homes and workplaces around the world!


Our platform uses innovative magnetic levitation technology to make the planets float in the air, orbiting the sun in a realistic way, creating a truly magical and futuristic appearance.


  • The positions of the planets are in real time, synchronized with NASA.
  • You can position the planets at any date: Past, Present or Future. For example, you could observe the position of the planets at any historical date in the past or in any astronomical event of the future.
  • If you want to observe the evolution of the orbits you can shorten the time, for example you can convert 6 days into 1 second to speed up the movement of the planets.
  • If you want to relax watching the movement of the planets, you can move all the planets at the same time and at the same speed, in this way all the planets move maintaining their position relative to each other, it is as if the platform rotated on itself.
  • The Sun is a lamp! Enjoy watching the sunlight illuminating the planets and creating a perfect ambiance.

APP (Android/iOS)

Connect via Bluetooth the intuitive control app to easily customize the position of the planets, the speed of the orbits, the LED lighting, etc...


To develop your own app or connect with third-party apps.


Quantum Solar System is a work of art, with a modern and sleek design that complements any decor style. It is an accurate representation of the solar system that will leave everyone in awe.


Made with high-quality materials, it is built to last and provide a durable user experience.


The planets are exact miniature recreations, the models are pulled directly from NASA with all realistic details.

In the center is a magnificent 3.15" - 8 cm diameter replica of the Sun that gives off a pleasant light that will warmly set your space. The Sun contains a LED bulb that receives electricity through induction, that is, energy is transferred through the electromagnetic field.

You can also choose the option of Sun without light, in this case, the entire system is the same with the difference that the Sun does not produce light.

We acquire the components for the Quantum Solar System from top-notch suppliers across the globe to ensure that we maintain the highest standard of quality. The magnetic levitation technology applied in Quantum Solar System is complex, so the assembly process is performed manually to ensure that all components are precisely calibrated.

Before we ship our products, we conduct thorough testing to guarantee that you receive a flawless product that is fully operational. Any defects are promptly rejected and not dispatched to you. Our objective is to maintain the utmost quality of our products.

If you choose to buy Quantum Solar System, rest assured that you're investing in a top-notch product and supporting the original creators. Additionally, we have a committed customer support team to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have, ensuring that you receive a personalized experience.


QUANTUM SOLAR SYSTEM: The Universe in Your Hands QUANTUM SOLAR SYSTEM: The Universe in Your Hands QUANTUM SOLAR SYSTEM: The Universe in Your Hands QUANTUM SOLAR SYSTEM: The Universe in Your Hands

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