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Perfect Cullinan 1:8 Scale Model

$89.00 USD

It’s an exquisite creation built with an unreal attention to detail: it features fully-functioning exterior lights, a perfect replica of the 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 under the hood, illuminated tread plates, illuminated dashboard, headrest embroidery, wood finishes, as well as seat piping and stitching. It even has umbrellas housed into the rear doors, for crying out loud!

The Cullinan 1:8 scale model comes with its own remote control that fits snugly into the boot. Using the remote, users can lock and unlock the doors, turn on or off the exterior LED lights, and pop up the hood.

Open its doors and you’re greeted by illuminated treadplates. The interior meanwhile is designed and executed “with the materials, skill and attention to detail lavished on Cullinan itself”. If that’s not precise enough for you, know that you can recreate your full-scale model’s headrest embroidery, wood finishes, and even the seat piping and stitching.

The 1:8 scale Cullinan comes in a display case measuring almost a meter (39.4 inches) in length. The vehicle is set on a gloss-black base mounted on a plinth, although the Perspex window can be removed so that you can see the car in as much detail as possible.

“This scale replica brings a new dimension to Cullinan’s Effortless, Everywhere philosophy. Our super-luxury SUV is now as perfectly at ease in the serene surroundings of its owner’s residence as it is in the most challenging and hostile terrain on Earth,” sad Rolls-Royce boss Torsten Müller-Ötvös.

Perfect Cullinan 1:8 Scale Model Perfect Cullinan 1:8 Scale Model Perfect Cullinan 1:8 Scale Model Perfect Cullinan 1:8 Scale Model Perfect Cullinan 1:8 Scale Model

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