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ESKY F150BL V3 Airwolf RC Airplane RC Helicopter Model with LED Lights (RTF Version)

$55.00 USD
ESKY F150BL V3 Airwolf RC Airplane RC Helicopter Model with LED Lights (RTF Version)


.Compared to F150X, F150BL V3 features the following upgrades: the biggest change is the comprehensive upgrade of remote control system, which applies GWY's high-end AHSS (registered) wireless frequency hopping control technology and protocol to the 150 small aircraft, redesigning and re-molding the appearance of the remote control. The new RC system is professional as the air protocol supports up to 18 channels while for now only 5 channels are open on the airwolf and the other 13 channels are reserved for subsequent function upgrades. With ESKY's own receiver (GWY), this remote control can be applied to any fixed-wing, cross-plane, helicopter, car model, boat model and so on. Note that the remote control needs to be fitted with some parts to enable 6 channels or more, such as switches, buttons, sliders, etc.
.Structure Upgrades: Added LED lights at the tail will be on when the helicopter is flying and off when it stops. This LED light is connected to the tail motor, which is installed on the tail of the fuselage, not directly connected to the fuselage. The internal structure of the rotating head was modified to provide a tighter fit, with finer parts (it needs to be assembled with a magnifying glass for the mass production), which results in a smoother rotation and better flight performance. The bending angle of the rotating head tie rod set is improved, and other important repair processes are added to the tempering and deformation process to ensure the accuracy of the tie rod set. Optimized wiring for the more compact and neat alignment.Sensor process is improved for hardware so that the stability is enhanced by 20%.
.In addition to the above structural optimization for performance improvements, the on-board nanny program is also optimized so that the flight performance is improved by more than 36%. One typical example is that no head lift happens on a constant speed route!
.A specially customized battery bar is used to control the internal resistance value. Constrained by the current battery technology, the battery life hasn't been improved much.
.Retains the advantages of F150X, featuring low speed and light weight to ensure no danger in case of accident to protect the safety of beginners or even children.


.Material: Plastic + Aluminum Alloy
.Flight Control: CC3D
.Channel: 5CH
.Remote Configuration: 2.4G AHSS Auto Frequency Hopping
.Structure: Single Propeller without Aileron
.Main Rotor Diameter: 170mm
.Gyroscope: 6-axis Gyroscope
.Charging Time: 25min
.Night Mode: LED at the Tail
.Remote Distance: 200m
.Flight Time: 4-6min
.Battery Capacity: 150mah
.Product Dimensions: 18.6 x 4.4 x 5.9cm
.Product Weight: 400g
.Package Dimensions: 23 x 19 x 12cm
.Package Weight: 550g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

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