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Bluetooth Musical Tesla Coil Plasma Speaker with Long Arc and Bluetooth Music Dual Mode Vinyl Record Shaped

$39.99 USD $79.99 USD Save $40.00 USD

Vinyl Record Shape Bluetooth Music Tesla Coil with Long Arc and Bluetooth Music Dual Mode - US Plug


.Adopt a newly designed PCB circuit board, the circuit design is reasonable, and the shape of the vinyl record is more beautiful
.Due to the maturity of modern printed circuit board technology, the long and simple secondary coil of the Tesla coil can now be turned into a thin flat plate, greatly reducing the volume
.Easily connect with wireless Bluetooth, play a Bluetooth music Tesla in the shape of a vinyl record with lightning music! It can also light up gas bulbs without any touch or connection
.It is a smart device for wireless transmission experiments. It can be used to create high-voltage lightning and do various scientific experiments, such as wireless power transmission, wireless lighting, and insulator withstand voltage test. Teachers use it to demonstrate the principle of boosting and high-frequency skinning to students. Effect etc.
.You will be fascinated by this Tesla coil, this flat Bluetooth Tesla coil is small and can emit lightning of about 10 cm (the length of the arc can be adjusted by the knob to 0-10 cm), which looks very destructive. But when you touch it, it’s like doing a tickling massage on your hands
.You can also use your mobile phone’s Bluetooth connection to play music. For children or adults, this is definitely a kind of magic. Let’s explore the mysteries of science together.
.Note: 1. When the product is working, do not touch the electrodes directly with your hands, otherwise it will burn your skin; 2. Do not touch the electrodes, heat sink, circuit board and copper parts, and do not use any conductors to contact the secondary coil, otherwise it will Damage to the Tesla; 3. During the working of the coil, it will cause serious interference to the surrounding electronic products. This is the characteristic of the Tesla coil itself. Please do not let mobile phones or other electronic products close to the Tesla coil to avoid damage; 4. If the Tesla fails to start successfully initially, please touch the discharge tip with an insulated screwdriver, but do not touch it for a long time, it may burn the Tesla. 5. Do not use the coil in a flammable and explosive environment


.Color: As Shown
.Material: PCB Board + Components + Acrylic
.Supply Voltage: 220VAC 50/60Hz
.Power: 0-100W
.Lightning Length: 0-10cm
.Product Dimensions: 10.6 x 10.6 x 6.1cm
.Package Dimensions: 35 x 23.5 x 19.5cm
.Packing: Carton Box

Package Content:

.1 x Tesla Coil
.1 x Neon Bulb
.1 x Discharge Needle
.1 x Power Adapter

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