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1/8 RC Racing Car for GTR R34 Remote Control Drifting Vehicle Model W/Differential Two-speeds

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※Capo 1/8 RC Racing Car for GTR R34 Remote Control Drift Vehicles


Item Condition: New, Unassembled and Unpainted. You need to assemble and paint it yourself.

Material: Metal, Plastic, Rubber

ID: CP-CD15829-GTR-R34-KIT

※This Package Includes:

1 Set of Capo 1/8 GTR R34 RC Car Model Body Parts

1pc 2-Speed Transmission

Light System

※This Package Doesn't Include:




Sound System



Remote Controller and Receiver

※The recommended electronic parts are as follows:

Motor: 550 1800KV-3300KV inductive brushless motor/ 550 21T-27T brushed motor.

ESC: ≥ 80A Sensible Brushless ESC/Brushed ESC.

Steering Servo: 26kg-40kg RC model standard size Servo, high speed and large torque.

Steering wheel linkage Servo: 9-18g RC aircraft model standard size metal gear Servo.

Transmission shift Servo: 9-18g RC aircraft model standard size metal gear Servo.

Battery: 11.1V 3S short body LI-PO lithium battery.

Remote control: 4 channels are required as standard, and 2-5 more channels are required for the upgrade.

Lighting system: R-34 LIGHTS HUB KIT with HUB function and 2pcs 25cm steering gear extension cables.

Sound system: There is no RB26 engine sound effect at present.

Battery compartment size: 90*48*28mm

Space dimension of motor fixed position: length < 65mm, diameter < 39mm

Be careful!! High-speed motors above 3300KV are not recommended. Extreme speed control should be carried out under the identity or guidance of a professional-level player, so as not to damage the transmission structure and electronic equipment due to the accelerator and brake control caused by high speed.


1. The color is midnight purple II, which simulates the painting color of the real car R34, which was first launched in 1999;

2. The car shell is made of magnesium alloy with ultra-lightweight (the material is the same as the UAV frame);

3. All CNC parts and die-casting appearance parts;

4. The independent front and rear bumpers are made of plastic, which same as the real car;

5. The differential gear uses powder metallurgy MIM technology, with an accuracy of ±0.02 and hardness of 47-52HRC;

6. The vehicle is equipped with rubber tires, and drift hard tires are optional;

7. Truly restore the function of the pin-type valve and the same stepless damping adjustment as the real vehicle;

8. All-metal gearbox. The gearbox gear is made of carbon steel and hardened by quenching;

9. The axle is equipped with a differential function. The differential gear is made of powder metallurgy material with heat treatment, and uses metal injection molding technology;

10. The steering component restores the design of the real car, using rack and gear;

11. The shock absorber is a needle valve shock absorber, and the damping rebound coefficient of the shock absorber can be manually adjusted through the valve on the tower top;

12. The vehicle is equipped with a brake disc, and the side of the brake disc is equipped with a vent;

13. The door and hood can be opened.

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